“Who Can I Run To Pt.2” (I Ran To Him)

Once you begin to Trust & Believe in what people say,and when they don’t do what they said they would do you are left feeling disappointed,and that’s just the beginning if you put too much trust in man you will begin to lose yourself in the process……Give it all to GOD and he will see you through,Trust Me I am just learning this for myself,but the difference is I had to learn the hard way. I had to go through it to know what it was I did NOT want,as the saying goes (Sometimes you have to go through to get through!) This is so true. Although it didn’t feel good at 1st I thank GOD he showed up when he did,and if you really want him to show up & show out….ask and ye shall receive (I ASKED),i will never forget because I was away for my Birthday and I prayed that night and asked GOD to reveal to me who this person I so Loved truly was.

I tell you NO lie,because I don’t know how to lie on GOD….I was awaken that next morning (Yes,that night after I prayed my prayer to GOD) my phone rung continuously that morning early before 7 a.m. early;the 1st call was from his Mom,then I received a call from him(our call ended with me cursing at him and slamming the phone down as I hung up on him),his Dad called me after that,and the last call was from his Sister (in that order)….I knew something was up,but I didn’t find out and of course it took for me to log into “Facebook” read his status update to find out how he really felt about me,it wasn’t nothing degrading just the simple fact that this man & I was the closes of close and for him to make a public outburst on a social network site on my behalf was all I needed to see,basically!! That is how GOOD my GOD is….I didn’t have to wait another minute,day,month,nor year to save myself from losing myself;Oh it wasn’t easy at all,but I stand here today with my testimony since THAT day…..my soul,heart, and mind has been so free and at ease.Do I miss him yes (16 plus years of this man in my life),of course it wasn’t easy,but by the GRACE of GOD he didn’t allow me to go through the PAIN,he protected my EMOTIONS!

I’ve noticed that once you get in your bible,praising him through music,and being in the company of positive people,and involving yourself in positive activities…..you don’t have the time nor energy to pay attention to what is going on with anyone nor anything else,because you are too busy adding value to YOUR life.

In closing I can only suggest you pick up that bible,remember you must stayed prayed up,and speak to GOD..ask for what you want and be specific (Life and Death is in the power of the tongue) (Proverbs 18:21),and lastly TRUST,OBEY,and put your FAITH in him alone believe me he will work it out for you;he is the ONLY one who can’t and won’t ever let you down!

-Be Blessed


2 thoughts on ““Who Can I Run To Pt.2” (I Ran To Him)

  1. This is so awesome and is really hitting home for me Esha! The crazy thing is even though the relationship that this reminds me of involves me and selena a relationship is a relationship. My expectations were too high. She has revealed her true self and trying to not c her for who and what she really is, is only making me dumber by the day!!! Lolllll I know that sense of peace u speak of! I feel it throughout my entire household! Your blogs r really an inspiration! Keep them coming

    1. Thanks Cousin…..you make me so proud and to know you can place yourself in my situation with your own situation is the best part of it all…..Thanks I am just discovering my hidden talent and I am in LOVE with it,and the weak part about it “My Lost Love” taught me everything I know in writing,I helped him so much that I gained his talent,Haaaa! Thanks Boo =)

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