Moving Forward & Bettering Myself

Everyday is a day of a different learning experience for me,and the lessons comes from what I use to be,what I use to believe,the people I use to involve myself with,and the places I use to go.Over this last month I made many changes in all the above things I just named,I notice that my EVERY day life is improving,and that keeps me smiling……I don’t have negative thoughts anymore (of course,we all get upset,but NOW I know my limit,and I know to get on my knees or open my Bible when I need strength),Now I put my energy in thinking of ways to help myself,so I can be of help to others…..I think of myself less,because mentally,spiritually,and emotionally ESHA is doing great,especially where there are so many lost souls out there that don’t know if they’re coming or going. So,it’s a blessing to be in the state of mind that I am in today,and that is all Thanks to no other than my Heavenly Father above!

On October 21st 2012 around 2ish,I officially joined the church I spent most of my Sunday’s at as a child….Easter Sunday in particular (Sunrise service to be exact),and just to think 20 something years later on Easter Sunday I would be standing in that same church;giving my life over to GOD! That had to be the best day of my life,yes the birth of my son will ALWAYS be an epic day,but there is NO feeling like the one you get when you feel GODS presence in your soul. I’ve always had GOD in my heart,but I needed him in my body,soul,and spirit…….I still have issues I have to deal with no not 1 saint is perfect,but by the grace of GOD I am far from where I use to be;as MY favorite Gospel singer (Deon Kipping) would sing “I Don’t Look Like What I’ve Been Through”!!!!!!!

When you have a blessing over your life,there is nothing you can do to out run it,my Pastor is a well-respected figure in the day he came to me and asked me to assist him in church activities (and this was before I became a member of the church),you have to see that as a sign from GOD…that touched me in such a way,and I know he is taking me to bigger and better places,I will never take that for granted,I am so ready…never been so ready in my life.I don’t have fear of failing,because I can not let myself down,so I got to give it my all,and never stop!

My mediation comes through praise and worship,praying,and reading my Bible,you’ll be surprise how much your life will change by adding 1 or all 3 of these to your everyday life,I know how much it has changed my life,and maybe this could be the beginning step to helping one of you begin to change your life. Remember there is NOBODY greater than our Lord,and Always keep him 1st in all that you do!

-Be Blessed


2 thoughts on “Moving Forward & Bettering Myself

  1. Glory to God!!!!!!!!! Nobody can’t tell me God isn’t working on us….people been praying on us and for us all our lives we r touched and blessed by thee!!!

    1. Yes,and now that I am old enough,experience well over my share of what I needed to go through,and wiser…..I know ain’t NOTHING out there for me risking my salvation!! Thank God 4 Our Prayer Warriors!

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