“I Stand Here Today”

Today,I can say I don’t care or look for nor care for ANYone approval of what I say nor do,because I approve it,and that’s the only vote that counts in my book! I have a couple of woman I will like to (Give Flowers To While They Are Still Alive) per say…..I admire people for the positive vibes & sincerity they display to and for me on a continuously basis. These 3 are the epitome of classy,strong,& VERY Beautiful woman of color (far from your everyday “ratchetness” you see on your day to day basis)!

Charisse Davidson if you can hear me…….I’ve known “Ree” as she’s called for short for well over 10 years now NEVER once changed ever,I admire your style,class,and grace……I never once seen or heard of this woman ever behave distasteful,she carries herself well,speaks w/ elegance,and when you can make a simple white tee & jeans look like a million dollar outfit……you gotta give her some kind of credit (lol) She’s funny,down to earth,yet well-spoken and very intelligent. It’s hard to come by woman who still respect themselves as a woman these days and she makes it looks so easy,Thanks Ms.Davidson for setting a great & positive example in such a effortless,yet fashionable manner….I Love You & Thank You for ALWAYS Being You.

Mrs.Chloe Womack (I NEVER met this woman in my life) & this is the power and beauty of networking via/ social sites. I came across a blog Chloe wrote on October 12th,2011 entitled “Confronting Me” that changed my life forever. Here we are a year later in the same month of October & once again Chloe strikes,she just inspired me to blog a month ago,& I haven’t stopped since. Sometimes GOD sends people to cross your path for a reason……I know within my heart Chloe was God sent! I knew nothing about this woman just heard her story and that testimony spoke volumes! She’s a positive access to woman,her community;she don’t just talk about it…she be about it,and she is not a boaster,Chloe is not doing this for attention,or for what she can get out of it….it’s genuine! Her acts of kindness is from the heart…..it’s not hard to see that,we have people that’s in it for the pay check,Chloe on the other hand know and “believe” there is a bigger reward awaiting her,ask me how I know this My Father supplies the needs and wants of those who walk in his will,and trust me she don’t have to say who she’s living for,it shows….Thank You Mrs.Womack for letting your light shine so bright……I respect,adorn,and Love You..as you can see I am learning a lot from you,and Thanks Again for all your support…..Keep Up The GREAT Work of GOD!

Last,but not least….this is my baby cousin Mrs.Thomasina Rozier-Gonzalez;I watched this little yellow girl,grow into a beautiful woman,mother,and (I never thought I would say this,but) wife *smile* We were always the closest two of all my cousins,& I think it’s because we always had each other back,no matter how wrong,or how right we thought we were…I can always count on my cousin….My baby sister was always there,but she wasn’t as wild as me & my Thomasina were,so we always had our own thing going on.But,we also had many disagreements and no one ever want to hear they were wrong,but we grew up,and I learned to respect her No’s,you were wrong,and that wasn’t right the same way she respected mine! She never was/is the one to bite her tongue,so I trust she won’t never stare me wrong,and I value her opinion as an woman,wife,officer of those dangerous streets of Philadelphia,and most of all as my best cousin……classy,yet oh so sassy,I see you walking closer w/ GOD and I Love It,and she is me,so what is there not to LOVE about this high yellow beauty……..Mrs.Gonzalez,Thanks for all the good fights,laughs,and a lifetime of loving memories…..I Love You and Love The person you have grown to be,and there is a scripture I want to share w/ you that simply reads:When I was a child,I spake as a child,I understood as a child,I thought as a child:but when I became a (wo)man,I put away childish things (1 Corinthians 13:11)

The 3 woman above faithfully read my blogs and inspire me to reach the top,and the support they show….gives me the energy to keep going & go hard,and I value their opinion,because they take time out to support & value mine,and not only that if they see or hear something they don’t like that I may have done or said they address me as a woman should….I respect that! In short this is only saying one thing surround yourself with people of quality over the quantity of people you choose to involve yourself with,make sure those people have goals,ambitions,and positive insights to help better themselves and everyone around them,and in all you do look your best while you do it,because you never know who is watching and learning from you,so try to lead by example…… make sure your walk match your talk!


5 thoughts on ““I Stand Here Today”

  1. Omggggggg sooooo didn’t expect this I’m in tears and smiles!!!! I love u! I love the person I am today I love how my relationship with God is blossoming! I feel anew when I read my bible and pray for others rather than myself!!!! Your blogs make me laugh, make me think and they also make me strive to be a better me everyday so I thank u!

  2. Like Thomasina I am also in shock and humbled by your amazing words, because reading it from your stand point you have some amazing women on your team :). I’m sitting back and watching you work this blog, because you believe in it, because it’s your truth and your truth will always touch someone because it’s sincere and from the heart

    Love you much and Thank you from the bottom of heart..

    1. This came unexpected to me also,I just started writing from the heart and here we are……You just confirm there are still good people out there,who truly care about someone other then themselves!!!! xoxoxo

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