Those The Chicks I Don’t Like!!!!!

I spoke about some females last week…who I admire as WOMAN,and this week well I guess we can address the rest and set some standards and example for you lost souls….we as woman need to find a different way and a better avenue to express our affection or love to the opposite sex. It’s easy to spot an attention whore,especially since I once was one……they type to do and/or say any little thing to receive any type of attention,Yeah we ALL know a few…..well now these broads have Facebook,Twitter,Instagram,Cinegram,Skype,and everything else which makes it so easy for these hoes to perform nowadays and it’s sickening ! Especially,when you have grown woman in their 40’s sounding & acting like teenagers. It makes me wonder,no I’m lying it don’t make me wonder it points out the obvious YOU are not happy with self no matter how much you try to convince yourself or anybody else you are………NO YOU ARE NOT & It Shows!

Woman who are comfortable in their own skin and in their relationships talk less about their personal day to day life. You won’t see no tacky post about what,how,or when her and her man do what they do,or where they do it at……As a matter of fact you would barely hear a peek out of them,because they are too busy enjoying their lives and the ones in it…..and when things are not so good they are woman enough to handle their emotions and outbursts….unlike the rest  who do it via/social sites,No please deal with it like big girls do…..I am still learning this one myself,but I’ve gotten 95% better with it *smile*

I laugh when I see these statuses and pictures,but in all honesty it’s not funny it’s sad,because they’re looking for validation……why do you have to post a picture half dressed,butt facing the camera (instead of your face),and breast exposed all the time ———> for attention! You are inviting the wrong attention to you and you need to be smart enough and have common sense to figure out the two…..they post (abc) waiting for the bait to say (xyz) and that starts a whole attention driven conversation,if a man is not open to explore your mind “why bother”? You can quickly find out a man’s intentions simply by the 1st conversation,whether or not you use your sense to single it out is on you,but don’t fall victim…..because at the end of the day you really brought it all on yourself. Stop showing your body off and stop saying anything for attention…….if he like you I’m sure he know how to show up and give you his full undivided attention,and if he can’t do that….maybe he is just not that into you…..carry on!

Every one is different all I know is I don’t want nobody in my life who don’t respect me,my body,and mind. You have to leave some things to the imagination,you can still be sexy and fully dressed from head to toe (Look at Our 1st Lady Michelle Obama),she puts MOST of these young girls to shame with her style and grace….and makes it look so easy doing so! Start Educating yourself and learn how to hold an intelligent conversation and leave the street talk for the “streets” it’s not cute to hear a female use certain words daily or “fitting in with the boys” it’s a time and a place for all things,and the life you live shows in your statuses and pictures believe it or not,and some need to clean up their houses before they post pictures,but that’s another topic we will get to later in the month……..In closing I must say reality shows have a big influence on females,they mimic them what they wear,their style,and the life they live… must remember these shows are scripted for ratings and the more ratings the more ratchetness they give you……stand up and be a voice of reason,demand shows of class and dignity to set some examples for your child and grandchildren…..You have to have positive role models around you to get positive results….many will say it’s only for entertainment purposes only,I don’t find it entertaining…..I find it intimidating to your mind,Remember you are what you eat….Be careful what you choose to feed your mind,body,and soul!


5 thoughts on “Those The Chicks I Don’t Like!!!!!

  1. Ok your blogs get better and better every week! I copied and I’m ready to paste a section of your blog on my status because I need some women that I know to read this!!!! Goodness the time I was reading this all I could do was shake my head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. They better pay attention and Thanks my dear…..I am starting to not script so much now,and go off the top of my head w/ some things I already had pre-written for November! My re-elect President blog didn’t post & I’m just realizing it 😦

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