“It’s As Simple As Common Sense”

Separating the men you let in your life is something that seems like common sense,but in reality it’s not so common,and like I said we as woman must do better. We let men move into our homes,drive our cars,and eat up our food. The downside to that is let’s say when and if the time came when you need a place to lay your head (maybe just for a night a two),can you lounge in his house they way he just moved into your place? Ummmmm in most cases men don’t even have a lease w/ his signature on it so you might wanna ask his momma,granny,or Auntie. God forbid your car catches a flat or,breaks down,can you call him for a ride to work,I’ll answer that NO,because he is riding ’round getting it in your car. Maybe you don’t feel like cooking that night,will he offer to take you out to dinner,order in,or maybe even cook for you……Ask yourself these questions!

We often let people,men in general take,take,take from us,and those be the exact same ones who are NEVER there for you when you need their support.
Letting the people who do the least for you get away with the most,and when it’s all said and done the ones who are there through thick and thin is left to listen and console you when it’s time to cry and let it all out. Any good friend will be through the good and bad,but truth be told don’t nobody wanna hear you cry about the same no good (you know what).

I noticed that woman too often allow themselves to become victim to men,why are we so comfortable planning baby showers before even talking about marriage nowadays? Yes,I am a single mother,I made a life changing decision in my late teen years,but I had a nursing certificate,education,and common sense. I knew what I had to do as a mom to provide for my son,and I stepped up to the plate and did it,and got it done,and a GREAT support system to back me up. I don’t regret my decision not one bit,he is the BEST thing that could have ever happened to me,and I am blessed he has manners,respect,and obedience for me and everyone he encounter,but I will tell you this you couldn’t pay me to have another mans child before having his last name! If you gonna lay down with this man and bring a life into this world together,you deserve to sit,discuss,and secure a future with him beforehand!

It’s all common sense and we know right from wrong or at least we should,If a man or anyone who is active in your everyday life do not bring out the best in you,get rid of them! It’s the closing of another year we had here on earth,and we have to live life to the fullest,and if a person is not helping you,or inspiring you to do and be all you can be,they will be the exact ones who tear and bring you down. Anyone who care about you always want the best for you, it’s not a one-way street….they are actually willing to meet you half way.  Don’t put out so much that you always end up with nothing in return. Most importantly you must learn to take care of yourself 1st,because no one can truly love you like you love yourself,and if you don’t love that image you see when you look in the mirror everyday,make some steps to loving you,and then maybe some else will learn to love and respect you,the same way you love and respect yourself.


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