“For Hungry Minds” by Mr.Williams

It’s always knowledge to be learned when you surround yourself with the right people this conversation just took place a couple of  hours ago.

The question started off…Mr.Williams asked me “do I believe in GOD” I said,”of course I do”. Mr.Williams then proceeds to ask “what GOD do I believe in” I responded,”Jesus father”,so he asked,”so you believe he is the son of God,and came out the grave”? I replied,”Yes,he died on the cross for our sins”!

The next question scared me,because of prior conversations w/ Mr.Williams I came to find out that he did not believe in the bible and he ALWAYS gives a good debate so he asked,”do I think Heaven and Hell is real”….I said,”you better believe it”…he added,”damn right it’s real”! He continued a lot of people ain’t gonna make it because they don’t know the Bible…..The Bible is real as he went on……sending our kids to school to learn 8+2 is not nearly as important as sharing the language from the Bible.

Mr.Williams stated he took it upon himself to study and do his own research outside the Bible before he realized it was a Heaven and Hell and they both are REAL. After that is when he begin to teach himself the Bible reading short scriptures at a time. It bothers him that there is a lack of global awareness of the reality of hell….it is more than just eternal burning,and the truth is the term R.I.P. is highly overrated. There is no rest at all in hell you are more alive there than you are at this moment. Also,demons are real…..the whole country is upside down,and this is what The Creator is speaking about inside the Bible,and teaching us how to live right.

In closing he stated he is 100% sure that hell is real,and he wants it to be clear he can’t debate the language in the bible due to the many versions and edits,but there is only one heaven and hell.He supports the Christian beliefs,and believe when people realize how real Hell is they might want to straighten up their life,and live right,and so that he is clear he is speaking from a non-religious point of view.


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