I’m Far From Perfect…….

I’m far from perfect myself and I too made my fair share of mistakes in my days, but it’s all about how you do things. And at the same time respect yourself enough so that when someone comes into your life they have to respect you! The things I read daily is ridiculous like do some female realize how they put themselves out there (for someone like me to read into). I just posted a Facebook status the other day which read, “If you let him back every time he is good & ready 2 come back…..He will NEVER respect you……Find some standards & set them!!!” This is the truth and I had to learn that for myself the hard way, and it is funny to me how 1 week a female post she single & 2 weeks later here she go I’m waiting for  my “boo,bae,or babe” to come home. So what a minute not only have you taken him back again, but your home is now his home…smh..wake up and let these “men” grow up.

You have to be secure with yourself and who you are as a woman to sleep well a night even if that means sleeping alone. I never got a chance to know what and who I was involving myself with on many occasions. That was another lesson learned at least I thought I learned! I have a friend who I spend time with he has his apartment and I have mine he is a gentleman….fine gentleman we grew fondness for one another back in my teens years throughout my adulthood. Did I mention he was fine yeah we always shared an intimate relationship, and I often went against my better judgment when it came to him? Many times I allowed my emotions to get the best of me I wasn’t the woman I am now, and being the type of man he is that was a big turn-off. That create a distance between him and I, but luckily in this situation we both matured and got a chance to right our wrongs, now we can share more than just intimacy. We actually enjoy talking more, spending time together outside the sheets, and there is no strain on things (I know my boundaries & he is aware of my likes and dislikes) it’s a walk in the park being in his company now!

You have to get into your own comfort zone before you can share trust, understanding, and time with anyone else.


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