“Why Do They Cross Over”

I was asked my opinion on a serious and sensitive subject that I agreed to take on. This topic has been on my heart and mind from my observations of women’s actions lately. The subject is: (Why are so many “straight women” crossing over to be with another woman; from a straight woman’s perspective). Before I start let me 1st state this was a blog brought to my attention by a friend of mine who is a Lesbian and this woman truthfully in my eyes is a beautiful person inside and out.  Ms.Hinton is an educator in the Bridgeport School System and a Supervisor at The Kennedy Center.  Ms.Hinton has a heart like no other and will put her children’s education before most of her needs (I know this from the outside looking in….you the things and topics a person post on their Facebook page daily says a LOT about their character).

My friends and I joke about this subject often, because in all honesty we treat one another like our significant other.  Why maybe because we always have each other backs, we are that shoulder we all need to cry on, and we never let each others calls go to voicemail (lol), but it’s the truth. I guess as jokingly as it may sound we know each other needs, and we do whatever it takes to meet them. So in all honesty woman switch sides for the comfort and support they really needed. 1.)her needs are not being met with a man 2.)she is tired of being misused by a man or 3.)maybe she is just curious from a past experience she shared between a man & female…..see in the hood we call these threesomes or “ménage a’ trios”, and women tend to perform this type of act for the pleasure of a man who is no longer around! 1 of 3 or maybe all 3!  To set the record straight Ms.Hinton made it clear that she is a Gay Lesbian Woman w/ no sexual interactions or interest w/ men Period! I would like to add to that by saying there are a lot of fake lesbians out there trying to follow the latest trend or call themselves “fitting in”. On the other hand there is the all too familiar confused chick….they are the ones just looking for love from who ever got a little time on their hand at that moment and next week she is straight again it happens all too often.

A female wants someone who listens and understands her, who can relate to her up and down emotions and who have her heart in their best interest. Who best understands & can cater to a woman needs better than another woman?  We all know that women are from Venus, and men are from Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, and everywhere else, so they really don’t understand us.  As much as some try they will never fully comprehend us, ladies….I give credit where it’s due.   Most try to God knows they try to “some” do a very good job meeting our needs just to keep that smile on our face at the end of the day. Then you have the selfish ones who only care about his needs and wants only the ones who come into a woman’s life to get what he can get out of the relationship, and the hell with her feelings, emotions, and happiness….those are the type of men who make most women cross over from what I’ve witnessed in my years.

Strip Clubs (yeah, I said it) many bi-sexual experiences start here a woman’s body is the most beautiful piece of art work ever.  We come in many different sizes, shapes, and dimensions.  I will speak for myself when I say I have no problem complimenting a woman at all. I admire beautiful women & give credit to those who have a nice shape, dress well, and overall keep herself up. I worked as a bartender some time in strip clubs, so I’ve seen it all, and most women in this occupation do what they do for the money while some do it for the limelight. When there is alcohol, drugs, and money involved this drastically changes things a stripper is likely to do any & everything for a couple extra dollars at that point, and on most occasions that includes sexual acts w/ another female. So now after experiencing this more than once, they’ve become accustomed to this behavior. After that we have the females on the other side of that stage that see this and say to themselves if my man go there and pay money to have this done I can do this for him at home, we all know people sit back and praise “the entertainment world”.  Whether it be the reality shows,rappers,or strippers whatever they do folks study these people and want to be like them trying to live up to others expectations of what these people get paid and are scripted to do for our entertainment purposes only.

There are some people who are comfortable with an open relationship, so they have a frame of mind he/she is allowed to date and have sexual encounters outside our relationship why go outside to cheat when we can bring the other person into our bedroom and make everybody happy. I’m no expert at this nor am I a relationship coach/counselor I’m speaking from life experiences and things I’ve seen with my very own eyes……….A big portion of my education is credited to the streets and my hood,yeah you can say I have street smarts, and my name is Iesha L.Bryant aka “Mz.Radio Diva”

In closing Ms.Hinton added I can tell you from my past experiences from dealing with straight women only (Yup I said ST8 Women) The only thing they really wanted is to be shown love and affection purely from a women heart.  Most women who cross over have been let down in the department of life in their life. Whether it was from their father, boyfriends, Baby daddy or the bad men they picked in life. All they really want is Love.  Being a lesbian isn’t all about the sexually lifestyle we live.  But i can tell you most of these copy cat new lesbians just want their sexually pleasures from another women.  Because  truth be told no one knows another women like another women, same goes for men as well.   ~M Sweetness Hinton~

I just feel it’s also appropriate to close with this scripture out of The Holy Bible if I may from Matthew 7:1 (Judge not,that ye be not judged)

I will also at this time like to extend my thanks so Ms.Hinton for allowing me this oppurtunity & thanking of me for this excellent topic and also for bringing this to the forefront!!!!!


8 thoughts on ““Why Do They Cross Over”

  1. Knowing a few lesbians also I think many many of them also experienced a sexual tradedy in their lives at a young age that has caused them to distrust men. Awesome blog

  2. I would like to say as a mother of a lesbain daughter I don’t judge her or never did I stop loving her for the choices she made in life.
    I would go to the gay bars with her and anywhere she like to go so this way I show her how support her in her decision.
    I don’t think that a parent should disown their children because of the life they chose to live.
    I gave birth to her, carried her for nine months and went threw 16 1/2 hours labor pains and I’m not gonna let anyone disrespect her because of her being a lesbian.
    Just like Ms. Hinton said women want love and another woman knows how to love. I’ve experienced being with a woman and she treated me better than any man I have ever been with. If I had to choose between being with a man or a woman I will chose a woman. I would like to say thank you to my cousin (Sweetness) for her input on this matter love you M. Sweetness…

  3. Women want to be shown love! The easiest women to get to cross over is a hurt woman. Some women don’t mean to fall in love with the other women but the emotional connection the two began to share is what opens the door to the accepted lesbian lifestyle. Women are hurting and just want to be loved. Several have been let down by every man that has crossed their path. Some are tired of the pain that still roams around their heart for the love they once had for a particular man. Me having an open ear has opened the door to a lot of straight women into the lesbian life. All I did was listen and open up my arms of comfort and woman felt a sense of security and felt the natural love I give off. It was never a challenge to have a straight woman feel the warmth of my comfort wherther thur converstations, dinner dates, curious evenings in which straight women wanted to be loved emotional, mentally and physically, some still can’t understand why they still feel in love the way they do, but often would say one of the best experiences of their life was when they secretly slept with another woman. Thank you all for taking the time to read the blog their will be more information coming soon…feel free to ask a question I have no problem helping some with any information they don’t understand about the Lesbian Life…To my Cousin Sybil I Love you very much thanks for always loving and supporting me and my beliefs of who I love and love being with…women…Thanks Again Iesha…

    1. WOW,Deep…..I am still sitting here w/ my eyes glued to the screen & mouth wide open…..I think I just felt in love w/ you by reading that,and just that simple……that’s how it start…….Thanks Marsh…..for allowing me to gain knowledge and at the same time educate others on the different lifestyles women & men both secretly share….and some of the many reasons behind WHY…….WOW again!!!!

  4. There have been several situations where I have made love to a womens mind, before even having to physically touch her through the words of a simple conversation. When a women wants love she wants an emotional connection of understanding, that provides a source of comfort that’s felt within their heart. Men mess up by just showing women their physical sexual love for a woman. Which in the lesbian love world of life there’s a comfort of emotion before there’s a sexually like of the individual. Both women have the same unique body parts but its the mind game of the two, that intensifies the conversations they develop which then makes the sexual relationship of the straight woman to be her lustful love secrect. There are so many straight women with the ssshhh past about having different experiences with the the same sex in different situations of their personal life. But with all their secrets usually that feeling of love for another woman never goes away. As hard as some try to cover that phase of life within theiir life, the passion of the time spent with that other woman always outways the so called love so claim to have for their husbands and boyfriends.

    1. & by most of them choosing to cover up that secret part of their life…….makes them grow to hate and resent men more than they already do….I just say don’t be ashamed of who you are and who you choose to love….whether it be a man or female….everyone deserves to be happy!

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