“Out With The Old……In With The New”

           As we get nearer to the ending of 2012 I must say this had to be one of my toughest years,yet. In just like in everything else he saves the best for last,it was a great start to 2o12,which changed in the matter of months,and now here we are  a month  shy of 2013 and things couldn’t be any better. I am so happy,relieved,and blessed and this has to be the best feeling everyone who was with me @ year the beginning of the year didn’t quite make it to the end (Thank God). That’s all in the past and behind me now,Today I am in the best place in life that I’ve ever been in all thanks to God.

It’s true when they say he will remove and add people in your life for a reason,season,and there is still the ones who have been and will continue to be there for a lifetime. If you have people in your life who push you and bring out the best in you do yourself a favor before the new year come in and get rid of them,because those will be the same ones all through 2013 keeping you and pulling you right back to where you were in 2012,and like President Obama said on election night “It’s Time To Move Forward”! It’s so much truth in who you surround yourself with can easily be the same individuals blocking you from your blessings. Oh,how I can see clearly now!

My best friend for example has been in my life for the last 14 years,and I hardly see or speak to her lately because she lives miles away,and have her business to run. 1 thing is for sure when we do speak it’s always so sincere never has she been funny acting towards me,or I had need to question our friendship. She too busy to be petty for 1 and she always is interested and have my best interest at heart we spoke briefly the other day I called her for some advice and she just like a real friend suppose to do……told me to pray & fast on it,take it to my Pastor for his blessing,and lastly she insured me that whatever decision I made and the outcome of it she will continue to support me in everything I want to do. And just like that she was gone she said,”Alright girl I gotta get back to work”! 2 days later she calls back just to say,Esh I’m so proud of you,and that to me meant more than any 2 hour-long conversation could ever mean. It was heart filled and I have tears in my eyes right now just hearing her sincere voice replaying in my head.

When you have people around you and in your life who do good and want nothing but the best for you in your future it makes a big difference. Positive energy equals positive results,so I say that to say this if you have people around you who don’t want or strive for anything good in life that will reflect in your life. Change the people,places,and things in your life and watch the change in your own life.

My Blessings To You All…………


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