“What I’m Looking For”

I said this before and I’ll say it again we have all had our fair share of bad relationships,but that should not determine how you go forth in life with your future relationships. I had my son by a man we don’t see or hear from and believe it or not he stay w/ a female who lives less than 3 minutes away from us,but he have to live with that; I have to keep living for me and my son…..I trust that GOD will have his way with him before it’s all said and done. Well,actually I believe he is already having his way with him every time I do see him he’s walking,carrying bags of clothes,and standing in front of a pool hall like this is still the 80’s so yeah so much for his life.

Had I been smart enough to find out about this man before hopping in bed with him I would have known he didn’t take care of his 1st son the chances of me getting pregnant and having a kid by him and him taking care of my child where slim to none! But,this is no pity party I was young and dumb standing in the position I am today and have been in the last 15 years of my and my sons’ life I don’t regret 1 moment of being a single parent. Of,course I would have been smarter and done things differently this experience just made me stronger as a person,mom,and a learning adult. I am a stronger woman because of him….I was forced to grow up and take care of my responsibilities, and taught me what a “go-getter” was all about,and how to go about things in my future.

I want and need a GOD fearing man in my life you are not coming around here to shack up. Reason #1 being I have a teenage son to set an example for in the absence of his father I must now be a positive role model for him and the women he choose to date as he gets older. He won’t be waking to NO man in bed with me…… what type of example would that be setting for my son seeing a man in bed with mommy before he go to school,and that same man probably won’t be no where around when he return home from school,Nope that’s not gonna work for me. Sex is great true and all,but I will have to enjoy that on my own time when my son is no where around,thanks but no thanks!

I want a man who acknowledge the fact that not only are you dating me,but you are dating my son too. Not only do you need to have my best interest at hand,but above all my sons’ he needs a male in his life to look up to not someone who actions he questions. He’s into sports,so you have to be willing and able to get out there and get your hands dirty every once in a while try to make him comfortable with and around you. I will also like a male in my life who my son confides in,because he may not want to tell mommy everything some issues he have might require the advice of another man.

If you can’t give me your all,because I know I deserve that and more,then I don’t want none,some,or half of nothing. I am so serious I’m too old for the games and way past the boyfriend and girlfriend era so you must come correct or don’t come at all. If you don’t see or have potential in making a wife out of me do yourself and me the favor and don’t bother! Your interest must be similar to mine and that’s God,Family,and Building in that order. Career oriented with goals and a purpose with a vision for life helps separate the men from the boys. A man character will always be judge on how he treat the helpless,his mother,children,and his relationship with GOD.




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