“Airing Out My Own Dirty Laundry” Pt.2 (Dedicated to Adara Holley)

My ex probation officer is on my page Ms.Holley,and the fact that she supports me makes me so happy,and to show her how much I’ve grown since our last “run-in” in June excites me I knew she was happy for me. I went to pay her a visit yesterday just to say Thank You for EVERYTHING and that brought us both to tears. She was the sweetest person to me,she never treated me like the criminal I was,but honestly I made her job hard for her,while she made things so easy for me. I broke all the guidelines of my probation she could have easily sent my behind to jail for violation on numerous occasions,but I believe she saw the potential in me.

When she did my intake she asked me my charges,and I told her,and she said in her sweet voice “What you out there stealing for”? And I told her the GOD honest truth,because I’m good at it (who says stuff like that to their p.o.) My larceny charges where nothing compared to the things I got away with taking,that I never got caught for. I’m telling you I was good still is,but my nerves and conscience won’t let me get away with doing it. I get nervous at the thought of it that’s why I got caught my last time…..I was with my god-brother knowing how much he hates a thief and did some quick nonsense for some name brand sunglasses that I knew I could have gotten away with on any given day easily if I wanted to,but I live for the feeling of having a receipt for my purchases nowadays.

Unlike other people I never was the one who stole from family or friends I went into department stores and did my thing. I’ll never forget 1 Christmas bold as we wanted to be me and my girls from NYC went into Kay Bee toy stores with our empty bags and proceeded to walk into that store and got busy filling those bags up with all types of stuff of their selves and went about our business. T.V.’s,Kitchen cabinets,and whatever we wanted and got our hands on was ours. No way was I going after anything cheap I needed and had to have the best of everything,that included my men. He had to be popular,dressed from head to toe,and fine. Materialistic I was and still am to a certain extent,and that is all a part of worldly things I thank god for delivering me through all my demons that I am no longer afraid to face.

I just thank GOD for the people he has placed and continue to place in my life;I could have easily been appointed a different Probation Officer who didn’t put up with my nonsense and sent me straight to jail with my 1st strike and who knows how my life would have changed from that,but nope he sent an angel named Adara Holley I want to say I am sorry and I thank you for believing in me Adara I will never forget you for that,and I don’t take your kindness for granted.You helped change my life whether you realize it or not….You did (now you can cry,cause I’m crying) I Love You & I ask GOD to continue to bless you……Thanks from the bottom of my heart!


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