Lead By Example

Abused children do not always come in the form of physical,mental,or emotional….neglect is a form of abuse also. There are so many neglected children in this world today crying out for attention and help as we all seen demonstrated in last Friday gruesome attack on those precious angels in Newtown,CT . This is/was too close to home to just sit around and ignore.

Parents need to wake up and put their foot down in their households,because after all it all starts at home. Just maybe this world will be a better place to live in….NO child of mine gonna run my house or have me walking on eggshells in my domain,nope! No I am not the Parent of the Year and there is always room for improvement,but my son know if I tell you to do something it better get done,and if it’s not done there will be a price to pay. I don’t tolerate back talking from him or no other child in my presence,and I’m not around trying to be the “cool parent” ,nor am I your friend.

Discipline should be put in place from youth and your child is supposed to respect you & every other adult they should come in contact with. Parents are too busy giving their child whatever they want to make up for the time not spent,and the lack of love that wasn’t shared. Children are led by example what they pick up at home is how they will behave outside the home. My mother use to give me and my younger sister “THE LOOK” and we knew exactly what that meant…..whatever it was we were doing was wrong,and it was time to straighten up our act right then and there. She never had to say 1 word or raise her voice to us as a child,hell even as an adult now I know better,she still give us “THE LOOK” ever now and then,and my son got acquainted with that same look. He don’t go outside my house trying to “fit in” with nobody because he understands I discipline him because I Love him,and want nothing but the best for him. He sometimes come home to me after visiting with friends in their home and would say Mom you should hear how such and such talk back to their parents. Or if he hear my niece,little cousin,or any child sass in my presence he turns around and give me “THE LOOK” for them,because he knows I do not play that and it is about to go down.

We have so many parents covering up their child(ren) reckless behavior because they are reckless themself….stop making excuses for these young men,and make them grow up and be responsible & accountable for their own actions. Momma boys grow into needy men,and it’s nothing worst than a man who switch roles and become dependent on a woman. No it’s not okay for you to be at work while he sit home on the couch and babysit the kids. Men are naturally born to be the breadwinner of his family,well except if your name is Oprah Winfrey than well you might want to stay home and play Mr.Mom. A lot of times when men can’t provide for their family they go into depression and that can result in physical abuse,alcohol or drug abuse,and emotional and mental stress. This is why it’s so important for families to build a relationship with GOD a family that pray together stay together,but when you are broken and don’t have no one you feel you can talk to….you turn to the quickest way you feel you can earn an extra dollar and if it comes quick 9 times out of 10 it’s not the right way. It won’t always be easy this is why you must have FAITH and stay prayed up,because the devil comes to kill,steal,and destroy.

We have fathers in and out of jail for various acts of get rich quick deals,and that is why we have so many single parent households. A woman can do but so much to try raising a boy into a man,and majority of the time the sons end up repeating their father footsteps and now the jails are left to raise these men. In a population of killers,rapist,and drug dealers and they become a product of their environment. Don’t think for one minute it’s any different in the inside than it is outside those bars……drug and gang activity is heavily going on in the prison system,and some of them are exposed to homosexuality by frequent visits in and out of these jails.

So it’s time to wake up parents start being accountable not only for your actions,but also these innocent lives you brought into the world. Set an example for your children and the actions they choose to make in the future. What you do or how you behave feeds into the life of your youth,so try leading by example,and pick carefully the men you allow into your child’s life. Most of them are too much into materialistic things and get caught up in the now. When you should be preparing them for a better future as men with respect,loyalty,and dignity which in turn makes them strong,confident,and mature.


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