“What’s Coming Is Better” (I’m so ready for 2013)

2012 is quickly coming to an end,and as I reflect back now realizing this was a year for lessons of learning. I must say it has taught me many of valuable lessons,and the harder the lesson was the stronger it made me. I am in no way bitter about any experience I went through,because in the words of Deon Kipping “What’s Coming Is Better”,yes I trust and believe this with my heart 100%.

Success breeds envy (I now get it) people are not gonna always be happy for me or with me,but I never thought in a million years that people also meant “family”! What can I say but God Bless them ALL…..I was never a 9-5 type of girl,so working for someone was NEVER an option of mine,but focusing on and building my career was. And most people want you to stay on their level and would prefer you to be under their level if possible,but not I……this little light of mine…..I’m gonna continue to let it shine! I’m learning daily how to embrace my haters it’s not comfortable knowing that people are wishing,hoping,and praying for my downfall…hey what can I say…..people fear and hate on what they don’t understand! I’m in no way ordinary and I don’t know anyone in my neighborhood who possess my skills or is in the career of my choice,so to be in a higher position than most I have to take & accept the good with the bad. If I worked @ McDonald’s,Dunkin Donuts,or any other regular 9-5 they would still talk,so I want them to talk about something they will NEVER understand instead of being in a regular setting being hated!

The few friends and family members who support and are happy with and for me means more to me than the fake love displayed by many,so do yourself a favor,and (KEEP IT)! I can see through all the fake smiles (trust me),and yes I will smile and play along…..I been gifted in knowing who is sincere so it cost me nothing to pay you no mind. On the other hand to have more people I never met and don’t know from a can of paint who believe in me,supports me,and always push me to keep going and go hard is truly amazing to me. It goes to show I am doing something right,although they don’t know me…they see something in me,and for that I am humbly thankful & grateful it really eliminates ALL the hate. I use to respond to all the negative gestures people threw my way,and when I would respond I made sure my voice or words were heard,now (Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That)!!!!!! I’m in the business of making my GOD,my son,and myself happy,so have a ball throwing your cheap shots ’cause you’ll never reach me. I’m too high on life to stoop down to your ignorant and miserable level!

2013 there will be no resolutions just many changes they are all for the better. Actions speak louder than words,so I can show you better than I can tell you…..just know I’m in a GREAT place in my life.GOD has definitely showed up and showed out to end such a trying year,but the best is yet to come. My support system is excellent anything I need to talk about I have a wonderful 1st Lady she is the epitome of a “virtuous woman” (Pastors,1st Ladies,and Women & Men in ministry) come near and far and complement my church Full Gospel COGIC on having such a wonderful example to look up to. To know that Mrs. Lauretta Plummer is in arms reach whenever I need her is truly a blessing,and right by her side is my Bishop (in case of emergency). My Pastor their son does an excellent job talking to me and teaching me the right way to go about things that test me. I can not forget his daughter Tedina Plummer,she is truly cut from the same cloth and being that we are closer in age she relates to a lot of things that I go through,so yes I am truly blessed. To worry is a sin Iesha L.Bryant ain’t got no worries,because I have a higher power I answer to and live for….GOD Bless you all…..Be safe bringing in 2013…….let go of the negative and grasp for more positive in life! I wish you all nothing but success and happiness in this new year……Try less of YOU & more of HIM!!!! There is a scripture in the HOLY BIBLE that will sum up this year….it comes from 2 Corinthians 5:17 it reads : Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.

Happy New Years -Mz.Radio Diva


2 thoughts on ““What’s Coming Is Better” (I’m so ready for 2013)

  1. I love this post because it holds so much truth. I will support you because we connect on another level. I have come to the conclusion that my connections are not close. They be in other states and cities. I have people that call and pray for me that isnt biologically kin but that spirit realm got us locked. I will be encouraged and will pass on encouraing words because people need something they not use to. Positivity can take you a long way. BE BLESSED AND MARCH INTO THE NEW YEAR BLESSED!

    1. You got me doing enough crying already…..I have not been connected w/ you a full 30 days yet and it’s amazing the impact you’ve made on me already….I will always thank GOD for sending you my way……I appreciate the prayers,love,and support! Thank You…Thank You & Thank You…..

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