I really despise the fact that I have to revisit and address these females who feel there is some type of “competition” going on between them and I,but it’s getting too out of control to sit back and ignore. If I don’t get it out of my system I just may explode on someone sooner than later. It seems that they are born and put on this earth to irk my nerves,I do NOT do fake well,and it’s a shame that most adults don’t know how to be real to who they are and what it is they stand for.
I myself will much rather a person who don’t like me to stay as far away from me as possible. When you start to pretend to be my friend or call yourself keeping your enemies close to you that is when it becomes a problem! Going out your way to speak and be nice is as fake as a Gucci Bag down in China Town in NYC and (I DON’T BUY IT)!!!! I can spot a fake anything from miles away and that smile you’re wearing on your face is one of them. You fail to understand you are actually making yourself look stupid and it’s making whatever evil you have planned against me backfire in your direction (NO weapon formed against me shall prosper) just thought you should get that through your head. I read people too well and that is all thanks to my street life and growing up in the hood. I know when someone is sincere verses someone who is pretending. Jealousy breeds envy….I’ve dealt with females and males who have been jealous of me my whole life you would think the older people are the more into themselves they would be,NOT! Instead they are too busy worrying about Iesha and what is going on in her life.
It often have something to do with a boyfriend of mine the reason why females “don’t like me”,but being that I am single and have been for well over 6 months now I am assuming I have something else they all lack. True and all I am a big girl,but please understand unlike MANY other big females I have a shape and carry myself well,and not to mention killer curves to match *wink*. I also have a loving personality,talented,gifted,and highly favored. My level is set high because of my unique talents and too far for them to take aim at,so they feel they can reach me with the cheap shots….Hahaaha! Pretending to kill me with your kindness…..Please go thatta way you can’t beat me in anything I do so trying to join me don’t amuse me one bit!
I am and will remain in a lane of my own,create your own and I prefer you STAY in it (I drive fast at times and get reckless),so to avoid a terrible accident I suggest you move at your own pace! I have learned and am still learning that when GOD have a blessing for you the devil will come in many forms to try to take you off track. That is way I stayed prayed up,with my face in my bible,and fasting whenever I have the opportunity to do so! He never said it will be easy but I refuse to give up…….This road is not easy,but with my Faith in GOD……I trust and believe that this to shall pass.


8 thoughts on ““FAKE SMILES”

  1. Very interesting. It’s beautiful they you have confidence and a high level of self esteem . The more you grow spiritually you will be able to smile at the ones that are fake and secretly don’t like you. Keep God the head of your life and your right no weapon formed against you shall prosper.

    1. Awwwwww! Thanks so much Sharese I really appreciate you taking the time out to support,and Yes my high level of self esteem intimidates a lot of females,but GOD is the head,middle,and the end of my life right now,and he has been too good to me to go backwards!!! Continue to pray for me,as I do the same for you!!!! xoxoxo

  2. I love that you are trying to be who you are regardless of circumstances. Being real ia like so underminded right now. People seem to have a mind disease or something. I love real people because then I can feel comfortable being in the presence of love and not snakes!! REAL RECOGNIZE REAL. i WILL CONTINUE TO KEEP YOU IN MY PRAYERS. Keep postivity in your corner. People thinks its contagious. Even in the mist of the eenemy where a smile with a blessing to match!! IF YOU DO GOOD THEY TALK AND WHEN YOU ARE DOWN THEY TALK!! IF THEY KEEP YO NAME IN THE ATMOSPHERE THEY KEEP GOD ATTENTION ON YOU!! TELL THEM HOLLA LOUDER SO GOD CAN REALLY BLESS.

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