Hello all it’s been a couple of weeks since I was able to blog..I am blessed to say it’s all because I’ve been so busy receiving all the blessings & opportunities GOD has been sending my way. I am so thankful and very humbled by this past 2 weeks events; I am proud to say I have moved on to the next phase in my broadcasting career. I was accepted and starting training last week as a part of the WYBC staff! 94.3 WYBC is CT’s #1 station for Gospel,R&B,and Oldies & they are #5 in the country so I would say I’m in GREAT hands with an excellent & experienced crew. I am currently training in the FM,AM,& Internet departments at the station & learning the ropes around the airwaves & behind the scenes as well! I’m so excited about my future.

I will also like to time this time to express my gratitude to GOD for the bond of connecting me closer w/ family members and also improving and showing a great turn around in my personal & love life. He is not through with me yet. The love has been overflowing from all parts of the United States from the West to East Coast. I appreciate all the calls,emails,messages & gifts of tokens of love from the ones who I Love & who Love me!
And I have to continue to be thankful for the hate as well cause they are grooming me into the strong,and HARDER working female I am. In order to succeed in life I am learning you have to take the good along w/ the bad! When the devil see GOD at work he gets mad and that’s when he attack stronger,harder,and more precisely than ever! People with insecurities in their own life do and try everything to make someone else life miserable,but by the grace of GOD,the prayers,and the LOVE I receive on a daily basis I stand here today and telling the devil you gotta come harder than that. I am bruised but not broken! Everything I do and put my heart into I’m going to perform to the best of my ability and as long as my work is not done in vain,I don’t care WHO has a problem with it. In the eyes of the Lord is the only one I’m looking for acceptance by and it is ONLY his opinion I will worry about.

In closing I will like to say if you’re mad or hating on me now sit back and wait,because the best is yet to come. As I grow closer in the LORD you can expect to see a great work show through me in MY church,my life,and my career. GOD Bless you all and your continuous support is greatly appreciated.


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