~Rest Peacefully In His Arms On Your 3rd Birthday in Heaven Sheena~

I shouldn’t be sad today although I am,but I just saw a little bit of light shine to this VERY dark story. I realize we can’t expect that every time a love one passes on they automatically go to Heaven this is NOT true,but I know in my heart,body,and soul that MY Sister Yasheen Gredic Lewis made it in. They way a person live their life inside and outside the House of GOD says a lot about their character and the legacy you leave behind says even more. I remember vaguely what occurred the day my sister was buried,but I can tell you that the City of Philadelphia stopped that day.The line of cars that followed us in the funeral procession to the cemetery was unbelievable and the rest of the cars was at a complete standstill the city showed up and out to honor the memory of such a wonderful wife,mother,and woman of GOD.

The kind words people stood up to say over my sister casket was heartwarming. I was just beginning to build a relationship with my older sister,so I myself knew very little about her,but I can tell you she LOVED the LORD and she was always active in her church. She also installed those very qualities in each of her children and til this day they ALL know who is willing and able to do the impossible. They all know and believe that GOD is the answer,regularly attend church,and their behavior shows the upbringing they had been under a woman with respect. The love they share for one another is unbreakable,and the bond is tight as the day she left us. It’s really about what you do here on earth,the life you live,and the people lives you touch that speaks your legacy when you leave this earth,and I believe my sister did an excellent job in that department. Not just because she is my sister but by the outpouring of love,affection,and support she gets still til this day.

We can’t stay here forever so we might as well set a mark while we’re here,and make sure our life have some positive meaning to it,so when we do leave here….people will look back and always have something good to say in our memory…..Yasheen Gredic Lewis Happy 3rd Birthday in Heaven……You are Loved & Deeply MISSED,and I strive everyday to be just like you the Mother,Sister,Wife,Cousin,Friend and Woman of GOD we all LOVED Dearly…..May GOD Continue to Watch Over You as You Watch Over Us…..Rest Peacefully in Jesus Precious Arms…….Forever Loving You -Your Baby Sister


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