Get Your Mind Right!

Hello Everyone,I know it’s been a month or so,but all is well I actually wrote this blog a couple of weeks back and was unable to publish it. Now that I have been home all week sick w/ an earache,strep throat,everything else I have a little time on my hand…..I hope all is well w/ you all & you are living out all your hearts desires. Me I am continuing to accept all my blessings GOD is placing on me. I recently received yet another position that I am truly Grateful and Thankful for and VERY Honored & Humbled by even being considered for this opportunity! I have to give ALL thanks to HIM for all that he has done,doing & will do in my life……he is worthy of all the praise and then some.

Needless to say I’ve been disturbed by the actions of individuals I expect more out of….with all the killings and people hating one another this should be a time of love,support, & lending a helping hand to those in need. Social media have been a gift and a curse from my experience people tend to use this outlet to INDIRECTLY take jabs at people who they are so close to that they can pick up the phone and talk if there is a problem w/ that particular person. Yet we have everyone claiming to be grown, “REAL”, & happy with and in their own personal life (oh really,well it’s hard to tell with all the messiness you carry on & participate in). You are NOT grown,happy,nor real because 1st of all someone who is happy with and in their own life don’t have time nor the energy to take out of their day to address anyone via/ social network. Especially when you are publicly entertaining an audience who lives are full of drama and can careless about you or the next person anyway (misery loves company)! In all reality you are displaying your true character and people tend to judge you more by your actions not your words,at least I know I do!

In life you come across a lot of people who say and do evil things and that is because it’s all they know. If you were raised properly ,then you would know how to treat others. I quoted a post a while back that read,”The emptiest people on earth are the ones full of themselves” and I believe this says it all. You can easily spot someone who is full of life,love,and happiness they are always looking for ways to put a smile on someone else face and go above and beyond to help instead of always looking for what is in it for them now that is what you call REAL….People who lack in the inside cover it up on the outside. You can wear the best clothes,put on the best bag,and wear the biggest smile,but behind all of that lays a person who is evil,empty and hurting on the inside. No matter how “pretty” you think you are if your attitude don’t match your beauty you instantly become the ugliest person on earth whether you realize it or not!

No one who is broken on the inside has the right to try to validate another person value here on earth. They are the ones seeking attention,in need of some soul-searching and some therapy won’t hurt while you’re at it. Most of the time this is why it pays to be the bigger person…..There is no need to entertain their foolishness,because apparently no one else is showing them the attention they need so they turn to the internet for comfort…..they say being online helps a person not to feel so lonely…….hmmmmm! A guilty conscience will always tell on itself they take anything that is posted on YOUR page personal,so if it don’t apply let it fly,however if this blog have you feeling some type of way APPLY IT!!!!!! Grow up & CONCENTRATE on your own priorities watch how far in life it will take you.


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