“If GOD Ain’t IN It”

Afternoon to all….I decided to touch on relationships today noticing that is the most popular topic when it come to blogging! I recall a post my cousin wrote a couple weeks back that said, (excuse the content but the truth is the truth) PSA!!!! If you are dealing with a “NIGGA” please do not complain about he don’t do this or or he don’t do that……Niggas are just that Niggas what do you expect???? Get A Man Please thank u!!!!! My response to that was simply,” They have to 1st be a WOMAN to understand this! Every female is not a woman or even mature enough to determine what they deserve or what’s not acceptable!

1st things 1st you do not (I repeat) you do not go looking for a man,The bible says HE that findeth himself a wife…..finds a good thing! Translation your HUSBAND is suppose to find you! You don’t get that part because most of you all are not living for GOD that’s why you can’t stay in a relationship nor find a decent man to date. To busy laying up with a NIGGA who don’t have any plans of a future with you. A man who is in it for the long haul talks about buying a house to put you in,family dinners & planning holidays together. You all meet his mother and think you all in when in actuality all his broads have meet his mom before,so don’t think you’re so special. If GOD is not in it…..there is a slim to none chance that it will last! Hate to get all religious on you,but that’s just how the story goes and ain’t no way getting around that one….it’s written in “The Book” so it’s law! When you start living for GOD & him alone he will grant you ALL your hearts desires,No I don’t have a husband or better yet a man yet,but I trust that he has my Prince waiting for me. I’ve gotten use to & over my last break-up gave me time to get all into ME and sure made me stronger. When you’ve love all you can love who ever comes after that must have their act all the way together.

I came across something that a Talk Show host posted on Facebook this week by the name of Dedan Tolbert it read (( The relationships between Joe Budden & Tahiry, Yandi & Mendeeces, and Rich Dollaz & Erica Mena very accurately portray many dead end, toxic relationships that can often be found within the black community.)) And it dawned on me…he said what I been thinking this is why most of the “black community” tune in faithfully….because in some way you can relate to a character from the show. I can not entertain the “reality shows” Facebook is a reality show (I see & hear it ALL) & some people use it as a journal.Lawdddd, I’m starting to feel like I’m from a different planet…..the stuff most people entertain leaves me speechless!

Anyhow,I enjoy dating and the getting to know you stage…..Me & this guy have been good friends for a while….he is very fond of me & I like him……So now it’s time to #TurnUp *giggling* I’ll let you all know how the date goes….he’s a gentleman so I don’t expect nothing less from him…..he’s more worried about me…lol….I’m just keeping it real. That’s why I have church before the date….The Lord works in mysterious ways šŸ™‚

Enjoy your weekend & Remember KEEP GOD 1st


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