Memories (Cherish The Good & The Bad)

2013 is quickly coming to an end and my,my,myyyy what a year this have been. I love LIFE and the bad times surely shaped me and for that I have pure JOY day in and day out. No,everyday is not a good day but it’s all about the way you handle the situations at hand….as they say “Life is what YOU make it” and I choose to make it GREAT!

Don’t allow no one to drown you with their negative energy!
LIVE LIFE…..Don’t Let Life Live You!
Life is about GROWTH if you can not grow from a problem,situation or misunderstanding you are not progressing in LIFE. I’m living to move forward in life,love and success (ironically that was our theme for our Watch Night Service 2014) this blog was written maybe in October but I am just able to sit and publish it…..spoke it into existence!

I am happy and I am at a place in life where I can be a blessing to someone else just by encouraging them and helping when I am able to. No,I don’t have much…I’ll be the 1st to tell you that,but what I am blessed with I somehow become a blessing for someone in need just at the right time…And I gave GOD all the honor for making that possible. You have to realize this is nobody but my GOD at work and I am thankful that I can be used by someone so imperfect. When you realize your place in life is to be a blessing to others not only self….that’s when your living won’t be in vain….to make the creator of LIFE smile by HIM being able to trust and use you….is what life is truly all about. We were put on this earth to Praise,Obey & Please GOD…..everything else we do is out of self and I’m determined to stay in HIS will. I can’t do much as a single parent of a teenager,but I just always want to be ready when HE speak. You can not be blessed and living for GOD and not be able to reach out to those in need. The community need us and I do my best to do outreach work or if I can feed or clothe someone it’s done….make a donation if you don’t have time,but whatever you do is a step in the right direction.

I am learning more and more to move in silence you become a true blessing when you do it from the heart without broadcasting everything you do for someone. Don’t boast or look for recognition in all you do. Too often people look for an applause for the good they do. Don’t get caught up in titles and needing to have your name highlighted… will wear your crown of glory after it’s all said and done just be humble and watch how he blesses you when you wasn’t even looking for a blessing….GOD tends to reward you silently in return for your good works. I’m living to hear “WELL DONE THY GOOD & FAITHFUL SERVANT”.

I don’t want to take steps backwards so I strive everyday to be the best me I can be. Love found me when I least expected it to (when you stop looking….LOVE track you down) and I am moving forward in my career slowly but surely….he is still opening doors for me and I am amazed every time I sit back and think about how far I’ve came,but it’s not over I still have a way to go. Never take for granted the people that are placed in your life… can replace that person,but you can’t replace the memories you shared with them. That’s the reason why I am thankful for the good and bad…without the bad times I wouldn’t appreciate the good times. My bad relationships taught me how to love all over again and to give him the best of me that I can,because he gives me his all plus some. I didn’t see him coming into my life,but I thank GOD everyday that he sent him this way. He makes me better and in the process I encourage him to be better. GOD stepped in right on time because I was allowing myself to be distracted by an ex love and we can go back to the very beginning of my blogs to find out how that turned out for me. I won’t dwell on the past but I promise to keep you all posted on my future. I am excited about my future and 2014 couldn’t have started any better….Wishing you all a Happy New Year….and I hope you stick around to get Up Close & Personal With Mz.Radio Diva in 2014…The BEST is yet to come.

Pray for me as I pray for you
-Radio Diva


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