Taking The Good With The Bad…….

              Well Thank GOD it’s Friday and a BEAUTIFUL Friday it is……I know…I know….I KNOW I’ve been away for some fridays now…..Ok all the Fridays of the year 2014. Not to worry GOD is still AMAZING to and for me HE has been blessing & teaching me how to appreciate my blessings in the process. I am so filled with JOY which is so surreal to me right now,because truth is DEPRESSION came over me in the worst way these past couple of months….I”ll get into that shortly. How are you doing…how is LIFE and How is your relationship w/ GOD today? How are the kids,the family,and the spouse/girlfriend or boyfriend or learning and loving YOU going?

               I am living by FAITH not sight reason being I am believing GOD for greater this year like never before…..Life was going great exiting 2013 entering in 2014 until I recieved a call April 15th roughly around 6:30 it was Aunt on the other line. As we were on our way to the hospital to visit my Grandmother she passed on to be w/ The LORD! My WORLD,MY LIFE,MY STRENGTH was GONE devasted as I was/am I realized GOD is still in control…and he has the last and final say. I miss my grandmother every second,minute & hour of each day….but I hold tight to everything she taught and said to me while she was here on earth and that in itself comforts my heart and soul. Alberta Swinton (My Grandmother) loved the LORD,she prayed day in and day out and she would always tell all of her grands and great grands to get into the church and get your life together because HE is soon to come back. Her death brought me closer to family I was at odds with and family I never was that close to…and I know she is smiling from that alone…..I miss her but she is in a much better place than ever before. Her work here is done and now it’s time to carry her legacy and live a life that is pleasing to GOD. I am learning when GOD is up to something in your life and want our full attention he will put you through stuff and take some things away and make it uncomfortable. It’s hard to understand in the storm,but trust he is working it out for our good…you might look at so and so and say they don’t know and serve GOD like I do,attend church, or better yet know what the inside of a church look like and they getting blessed left and right. He ain’t worried about them HE wants YOU…..HE wants you to surrender and be an example to them…the devil wouldn’t be fighter you so hard if GOD didn’t have a call over you. Don’t look at them HE is punishing you because you know better and there is a calling on your life that HE wants,need & desires of you….So you let them live the fast life and party it up….If it comes so easy and fast you shouldn’t want it no ways. Anything worth having is worth the fight…so let them party it up…Psalm 23:5 reads: He preparest a table for me…..in the presence of my enemies…just know you are already on the #winningteam when you chose GOD!

             I thought it would get better but my landlord sold the house I was living in so at the last minute after dealing w/ funeral arrangements,cleaning out my grandmother apartment & at the same time finding time to fully come to grips with what had just happened I was forced to pack up and move w/o a Plan B,but GOD is still good. A month later searching for an apartment I talked to someone who is ready to invest into my life and instead of looking for an apartment to rent I am proud to say I am on a mission of becoming a home owner for the 1st time in my life. That’s right searching for a home to buy…how I ask myself this very same question see when GOD is on your side ain’t no devil in hell will ever get the victory and whatever GOD said trust and believe that this too shall come to pass and it is already done! I lost a job in that same month…well I really wouldn’t consider it a “job” when the owner doesn’t conduct himself as such….it’s just a messy situation. I was happy at 1st because I was doing something I loved to do which is cooking….but contracts were broken,JEALOUSLY ran wild in that establishment of course when you can cook as good as me people egos get the best of them,and when folks can walk around town proclaiming to be a “BO$$” and don’t have sufficient funds to pay bills,the landlord nor his employees……ummmmmm yeah. So GOD took me out of that messy situation immediately. I still have my dream job though RADIO 🙂 I am proud of my position at the gospel radio station and I am excelling & pursuing greatly in that area,because it is OF God and HE will always get the Glory in all we do. So yes I am a studio director,I also work in production and just got elevated to promotion and marketing rep at WDJZ 1530 a.m…..say it with me AIN’T GOD GOOD!!!!!

                 Overall my personal life has been holding me together my son is off to being a Junior in High School this coming fall,he is an excellent active young man,he don’t hang out in the street,he know & loves the Lord so I’m just blessed because in todays society teenage boys his age are an epidemic for distriction…so I have to praise him in advance for that alone.He has a postive male role model in his life…that would be my amazing boyfriend my son loves this man like he gave life to him and I do also! He is excellent with my son teaching him men qualities,how to be a gentleman,attaining good grades,personal hygiene issues,and most importantly of them all is looking after me. He tells him all the time look after your mother and make sure she is ok at all times…I appreciate him for that because he sure practices what he preach I never in my life had a MAN so attentive to my needs and wants. A man of GOD he keeps me grounded,encourages me,prays over and with me,know how to make my days and nights complete,and like he always says he knows how to handle me without handling me 🙂 I’ll be the 1st to admit I AM A PIECE OF WORK….BUT GOD knew WHO and what I needed because I don’t know how he do it but he does it (So yall join me in do me a favor and keep a prayer up for my Honey….Prayer of PATIENCE…Cause LORD knows he need it dealing with me) I always say hes amazing to and for me…It happened suddenly I was NOT looking nor interested in a relationship and he sure enough changed my mind at that very moment we caught eyes. And we have been inseperatable since our very 1st date and he is just as sweet as he was then as he is 8 months later. I love him with the purest love I have to give…..I am just ready for whatever GOD has in store for us…..As soon as you have a goal….You become a target…so with the good I take on the bad also…..I just have to stay prayed up and continue to keep my faith in GOD!


            Until next week you amazing people take care and take care of each other & always remember GOD is gretaer than ALL your problems! xoxoxo 


4 thoughts on “Taking The Good With The Bad…….

  1. It’s about time!!!!! Lol so glad you decided to write something today. It’s funny how a situation that was meant to destroy us can change for the good. You are so right God is good!!!!! When you’re walking with him the devil tries everything to break you but it’s not going to work on a child of God. He will give you the strength to persevere. And that’s what your boyfriend needs strength not patience because patience can lead to long suffering lol but strength will get you through anything. I’ve told you before I’m very proud of you keep up the good work, God’s work and you won’t have anything to worry about.

    1. I know a long time coming…Thanks so much for your words….I hope you know how MUCH you just encouraged me….and we gonna pray for his strength!!!
      Thank you…Thank you & Thank YOU…….LOVE You!!!

  2. God is such an awesome God! So proud of you Esha, and God has such good plans for good people of whom one of them are you! Godspeed on your journey and I wish you peace, love, happiness, and prosperity in all you set out to do! Love you!

    1. Samantha….Samantha….Samantha…I have to publicly THANK YOU……I LOVE YOU…..I LOVE YOU….I LOVE YOU & THANK YOU! That’s from the bottom of my heart & soul!

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