Allow Me To Re-Introduce Myself

            Hello and Welcome Back to most……As you may already know I am Iesha L. Bryant single mom of a teen boy that I want to push back in me some days and hold like a baby on most……He is my pride & joy. My reason for living & continuously bettering myself in spite of life situations. He is now 18 years of age & accepted to a college of his choice and his 3rd choice college. It is amazing watching the baby I birthed turn into a little man right in front of my eyes,Proud Momma indeed he has truly made me proud so far.I recently turned 36 years old in September and my life has been escalating ever since…GOD has been moving some people,places & things around within me in ways I could have never imagined and I will forever be grateful by HIS actions. I will not lie and say it’s been an easy road truth is it’s been rougher than ever,but because I have decided to solely trust HIM & what HE has for me…..the path has become a trip to the candy store.

                 I left off in June of this year telling you all how much my life has changed since my grandmother passed away it has still been a struggle,but instead of sitting around wondering LORD,why me…..I decided to put in some work & keep her legacy alive also using everything inside me to pour out into others around me. The wonderful man who came into my life 2 years ago helped me in a major way to walk this walk I’m walking now. He accepted me at my worst…saw & helped pull out the best in me. I was selling dinners here & there….He birthed so many major ideas out of me and helped me. One of them was my catering business I am pulling off the ground in honor of my grandmother…..not only did he help w/ the idea…he also put forth the work and effort to create and bring it to life. From graphics,to properly branding the business & also being there for hands on work…I am forever grateful for his role in all that he has done so far….. Although our relationship has taken a back seat while I work on my goals and he work on his personal and professional life through it all he is there whenever I call and need him. My best friend and biggest fan….I in all honesty believe GOD sent him along my way to better me & birth what I’ve been carrying for so long now. HE also needed us to realize that once we gave up want we wanted and saw what it was we needed…..HE began to move on both our behalf…..The song “That’s When You Blessed Me” is a real life testimony in my life……Soon as I gave it up……that’s when HE blessed me. Everything is a process…..I won’t lie and tell you all I am living a perfect life that don’t exist,but I will tell you I trust HIM & HE will show you things you never thought will happen in this lifetime.

I truly thank GOD for knowledge,wisdom & understanding because without it in the state I was in at this point in my life I would have went half crazy. So I got to the point where I just wanted to do what makes Iesha happy…..whatever made me happy that’s what I want. You have to find your own happiness,because it’s an inside job. No one will love you like you want to be loved & only you know how you want to be loved. Through the hurt,pain & let downs I found my happy place and that is in giving back what’s inside of me and helping others discover what’s inside of them. I was on a prayer call maybe 5 years ago & the Evangelist leading the call without knowing me,my name or anything about me….prophesied to me and told me I would be doing Women Empowerment Seminar’s & Workshops….unknowingly at that time 5 years later here I am hosting Women Empowerment Seminar’s 3 sessions in currently as we speak. And let me tell you it is a passion & such a feel good experience to have groups of women come together for empowering,uplifting & encouraging in peace. No cattiness,competition nor jealousy going on these women our thirsty to help build each other up and exchanging helpful resources to one another…..They inspire me so much I can never give up on this new-found love……The support,help,dedication & donations from them is overwhelmingly appreciated. I was blessed enough to have my very own (cyber mentor) Ms.Chloe Womack come out from New York to be our guest speaker for the last seminar in November (this is the women who birthed my love and passion for blogging as many of you may remember) I was featured on her “Yes I Am My Sister’s Keeper” blog site and I’ve been blogging ever since. The impact she left on these women is the same impact I felt by reading her blogs,encouraging post & watching her demonstrate acts of selfless love to everyone she came in contact with. I study people by their energy and aura and I love everything about her vibe and I am blessed to have connected with her through social media and build a sisterhood that will last for ages.

I finally started my very own radio show in November of 2015 and soon after the radio station closed w/o notice.That was not a good feeling to lose my job & dream opportunity both at the same time,but GOD does all things well…..I believe HE forced that situation to end to put me in the place I am now. I am now a 24/7 365 Entrepreneur of my  very own catering business”Bert’s Granddaughter’s Place” and it has taken off full speed. I took that closed-door & opened up a storage lot full of opportunities one by one. GOD does things for reasons and in and out of seasons & I know if that door had not closed on me at that particular time my independent career would not have taken off as fast as it did. This is why it is good to give thanks in all things….don’t always look at a closed door as a missed chance. That door may have been too small to allow your access through… patient and wait for GOD to move at HIS speed. HE is a perfect gentleman allow HIM to open up that door for you while you walk through and HE holds the door like the QUEEN/KING that you are you’ll notice how much of a perfect fit it is to walk through this door,because HE had this stored up waiting for you the whole time.Patience is virtue & trusting in HIS time is (key). I know this is where GOD wants me right now,although I am currently still broadcasting my talk show on another station my catering business has and will continue to expand in ways I never imagined. It became so easy to get things done because the FAVOR of GOD shines brightly upon me. The catering business is hard it takes patience,time and skills….many days I want to give up,but I get the strength to go harder and it comes together so lovely afterwards forgetting I ever grew weary. Your gift will make room for you….never despise in small beginnings! Keep your eyes on Bert’s Granddaughter’s Place & feel free to contact me for any and all catering needs. If you have a passion,gift or a purpose…..Live in it & let it live through! You’ll encourage and inspire someone along the way just keep your FAITH activated and Love & take care of each other………Until next time I love you all,because I learned how to unconditionally love me.

-Iesha L. Bryant












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